Our Human Pheromones

We humans are tribal. Our ancestors roamed the planet for over two million years hunting and gathering. We rarely stayed in one place for very long. We walked up to 20 miles a day searching for food and shelter with a sign on our backs that read “EAT ME.” While the stronger members of the tribe spread out to hunt, gather, and perhaps battle other tribes, the less mobile members of the tribe – older people, children, pregnant women, women with children, etc – huddled together and moved slower. These vulnerable members of the tribe created their own smaller tribe within a tribe with natural sex pheromones. 
They made noise to keep animals away and to connect with each other. Over time, these sounds turned into language – this is why women have far more advanced verbal skills than men and why they often use words to create emotional tension with human pheromones. 
While our tribal ancestors were most likely communal and shared what was gathered with every member of the tribe, the women by nature were in competition with every other woman for the scarce resources that the men provided. Try for a moment to imagine what it must have been like to be a 14-year-old woman living on Africa’s grassy savannas a million years ago. You probably had your first child at 12. If you didn’t die in childbirth, you probably succumbed to disease, starvation, or animal attack by age 17. Imagine feeling vulnerable – life and death vulnerable – and dependent on men for food, shelter, protection, and reproduction. Learn more at http://ceicom.org/?p=118 and https://www.rebelmouse.com/bestpheromones/pheromones-for-men-896923685.html
Friends and family gossip and stab each other in the back of true pheromones. People cheat and connive. Women love it! They call it a “guilty pleasure.” You may not get it, but you still need to pay attention to it if you want to understand the feminine need for emotional tension. Then there are chick flicks. Do these movies tell the simple tale of two people meeting, falling in love, and living happily ever after? NO! Use pheromones to make your sexual attraction hotter. As they get older, they fantasize about being rescued, and what it will be like to be held by their fantasy man. All of their fantasies build emotional tension and increases the value of the man who they perceive can make their dreams come true pheromones. Learn more at http://pheromones-work.weebly.com/home/-insect-suppression-with-pheromones
There’s no tension in that. When the man and the woman meet in a typical chick flick, they often dislike each other (or at best, are ambivalent toward each other), or they are completely unavail – able to each other. There is tension, lots of it. The guy thinks the woman is control – ling ball-buster and she thinks he is a womanizing jerk. Or they spend lots of time longing for each other. As we watch the drama unfold, we all know they are going to end up together. The female character almost always has girlfriend, gay, or “Nice Guy” friend with whom she confides.